Rules at 1Win India

1Win is a well-known international online casino and bookmaker that allows Indian players to place bets on various casino games and famous sporting events, including football, cricket and kabaddi. As a licensed and responsible bookmaker platform, on their website, they highlight certain rules for use that a player needs to know to use the platform successfully.

About 1Win

Since its founding in 2016, 1win has maintained its position as a website for gamblers who like sports betting as well as casino games. The platform operates under a Curaçao license and uses many advanced methods to protect the data of its players. Gamblers also have access to a wide variety of bonuses such as welcome bonuses and cashback.

General Terms and Conditions

1win allows users over 18 to wager on events after registering and verifying their identity. The company dictates odds and wagers, while users place bets with their own deposited funds. Winnings can be withdrawn using the deposit method. In the case of some options, the fees may apply. 1win reserves the right to alter terms, close accounts for rule violations, and block suspicious activity. 

Users are responsible for password security and using their funds. The company is not liable for website errors and can leverage user information for marketing. Disputes are settled by 1win’s final decision, although complaints can be filed. Legal jurisdiction falls under the company’s chosen laws.

Privacy Policy

When clients use 1Win services or browse their websites, the platform gets personal information about players. This data consists of details that you voluntarily provide, specifics that are automatically gathered, and statistics that are gathered from other sources.

1Win uses gamblers’ info to run websites, make sure services function as intended, abide by the law, and handle their interactions with you. This privacy policy describes your rights regarding your data. You are entitled to access, correct, erase and restrict processing of your data. You can also withdraw your consent for processing your data at any time. For more information or to exercise your rights, you can contact the company through corporate email: [email protected].

Rules on Sports

The 1Win Sports betting can seem complex due to varying rules across different sports. The platform clarifies that bets are generally settled based on the official result at the end of regulation play, excluding overtime unless specified. The key takeaway is understanding how interruptions and substitutes affect bets. If a game is called off prematurely, bets are often voided and refunded to ensure fairness. Each sport has its unusual traits: in American Football, bets stand as long as half the game is played, while Tennis rules vary depending on the match stage.

Beyond winner predictions, many sports offer special bets. These unique wagers, like “Correct Score” in Tennis or “To Score First Goal” in Soccer, might have their own rules for determining outcomes in unexpected situations.

To navigate the 1Win sports betting effectively, grasp these general principles and then delve into the specific rules for your chosen sport and bet type. Always double-check with the sportsbook before placing your wager.

Responsible Gaming

1Win places great emphasis on responsible gaming on their site and hopes that players will not get too carried away with the game, as this can lead to negative consequences. The platform supports a responsible gaming policy and will do everything for a positive gaming experience on its site.

Here in the responsible gaming tab on 1Win, you can find many useful recommendations on how to control your game. Moreover, using the 10 questions located on the site, you can understand whether you have an addiction. If you answered five questions positively, you need to seek help from special services, which can also be found on the 1Win website.

The company offers resources to help control gambling habits, including setting time and money limits, finding new hobbies, and avoiding gambling when upset. Those who wish to completely stop gambling can permanently close their account with customer support.

Risk Disclosure

1win also warns in its rules that when playing any games on the site, you can lose money that was credited to your platform account. Players should also be aware that gambling may be illegal in some jurisdictions. 1Win is not responsible for this and requires you to agree that you will not be provided with legal advice or guarantees regarding the legality of using their website and services. 

1Win states that customers make decisions to use the site at their own risk based on the current laws of their jurisdiction. You have access to websites and games, but there are no assurances on either the explicit or the implicit level.

Refund Policy

The 1Win platform considers refund requests from customers’ accounts, but only if the request is submitted within 24 hours after payment is processed. Another important fact is that the website does not refund money that has already been spent during the game.

If another person has used your account, you can file an appeal in support within 30 days and provide all the necessary evidence to prove this fact. 

The website also reserves the opportunity to request a notarized identification document or other documents in accordance with the current legislation of the player’s jurisdiction.

Cookies Policy

The 1Win platform uses cookies to provide the full functionality of its website. This technology allows, using a small text file that is stored on the user’s computer, to recognize the client when he visits the site again. You can read more information about cookies on their official developer website. Deleting the 1Win cookie may prevent you from visiting certain sections and using platform features.

When you first log into the 1Win platform, you will be asked to agree to the use of this service, this can be done in a pop-up window at the bottom of the screen.