1Win Bonus India - Unlock Up to 80000 INR for Your Deposit

Discover the ultimate betting experience with a massive 1Win bonus of up to 500% on your first four deposits. Top up your account and get 80000 INR — the maximum bonus for your deposits. Tap here to boost your experience with 1Win’s generous welcome offer.

Get a welcome bonus of up to 80000 INR

Explore Exciting 1Win Bonus Program

Casino enthusiasts can try one by one each promotion from the diverse array of 1 Win. The offers include free spins and exciting tournaments. Sports fans are granted access to accumulator boosts and a 1Win sports bonus. Here is the table of the most interesting available bonuses:

Bonus 500% on your first four depositsComplement your first four deposits with a whopping 500% bonus.
Bonus on an expressIncrease your winnings with an express bonus of up to 15%, boosting payouts on accumulator bets.
Cashback of up to 30% on a casinoRecoup up to 30% of your losses in the casino.
Jackpot up to 226,000 INRStand a chance to win a massive jackpot, turning a small stake into a massive payout.
Up to 90,000 INR for a Royal FlushReceive this bonus for hitting a Royal Flush at 1Win poker tables.
Rakeback up to 50% at 1Win poker tables50% Rakeback every Monday at 1Win poker, with the amount based on your VIP status.
1Win download app bonusGet a special bonus directly to your account just for downloading the 1Win app. 

1Win extends its bonus program beyond just sports and casino games. Additional 1 Win bonus offers for Telegram sign-up, app download, and other activities are available, enriching the user experience. Furthermore, the players can participate in the Loyalty Program and get 1Win coins for the additional benefits.

Extensive bonus program for users from the bookmaker

Unlocking Your 1Win Sports Welcome Offer

To receive the 1Win welcome bonus money for sports, the casino guest must register and make four deposits. The bonus is awarded in portions:

  • 1 Deposit – 200%.
  • 2 Deposit – 150%.
  • 3 Deposit – 100%.
  • 4 Deposit – 50%.

The bonus is credited to a separate 1Win bonus account. The maximum bonus is capped at 80000 INR, with equivalent adjustments for other currencies based on the current exchange rate.

Sports Bonus from 1Win India

What Should You Do to Get the Sports Bonus?

Players must make these steps to qualify for the sports welcome bonus:

  1. Navigate to the site 1win. Spot the sign-up button at the top right corner and click to start registering. 
  2. Website Registration. Create your account and log in.
  3. Funding. Make your first deposit into your newly created account.
  4. Bonus Claim. Finally, claim your bonus directly through the platform.

The procedure mirrors the casino bonus but with other wagering conditions. All pertinent details are provided below.

Meeting the Wagering Criteria

Wagering this promotion necessitates placing sports wagers under specific conditions:

  • Your bets must be single with odds of 3.0 or higher, and only outcomes that result in a win qualify. 
  • Wagers with odds less than 3.0 or bets calculated by return will not be counted. 
  • All conditions are given 14 days to be fulfilled. 

Thanks to this mechanism, players can earn an additional percentage of their bonus balance for each successful qualifying bet, which is then transferred to their main account.

1Win Casino Welcome Bonus

Unlock a great welcome 1Win promotion with a 500% bonus for the casino on your first four deposits. After registering, make your first deposit to trigger the bonus. The gift is awarded as follows:

  • First deposit: +200% bonus.
  • Second deposit: +150% bonus.
  • Third deposit: +100% bonus.
  • Fourth deposit: +50% bonus.

Each deposit qualifies for a maximum bonus of 80000 INR. For four deposits, the total available bonus amount is also 80000 INR. The bonus is automatically added to your bonus account after each deposit.

Distribution of welcome bonus for 4 deposits

Step-by-Step for Casino Bonus Claiming

The platform provides quick access to bonus claiming. Just follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit 1Win. Go to the official website or use an app for quick access. 
  2. Registration. Find the registration button in the top right corner. Then, click on it to proceed. Use either quick or social network options.
  3. Fund your account. This step is crucial for accessing the 1Win bonus.
  4. Bonus receiving. Once you have registered, you have the opportunity to receive a 1Win bonus – 500% on your first four deposits, up to 80000 INR.

Complete these steps to activate your bonus and find it in the Active Bonuses list. Next, wager the bonus by meeting the following criteria.

Wager Requirements

The casino 1 Win promotion variation has specific wager requirements:

  1. New Client Exclusive. The bonus is available for new 1Win clients only.
  2. Instant Availability. Wagered funds transferred from the bonus account to the main one are ready for immediate use.
  3. Automatic Transfer on Losses. When a player incurs losses on casino slots, a transfer from the bonus account to the main account is automatically executed.

For example, imagine you lose 4,000 INR from your main account. You have a bonus balance of 38,000 INR. The next day, 380 INR, which is the 1% of your bonus balance, is added to your main account.

Extra Bonuses in 1Win

Besides the main bonuses, players have access to numerous other promotions. Some examples are highlighted below.

Distribution of welcome bonus for 4 deposits

30% Cashback Bonus at 1Win 

The 1Win casino bonus rewards players who enjoy playing slot games. Every week, players can get back up to 30% of the funds they lost playing slots. Here’s how this bonus works: 

  • The amount of money you get back depends on how much you bet on slots that week. 
  • The cashback only applies to money lost from your real account, not bonus money.
  • The cashback is added directly to the player’s real balance. 
  • The funds are immediately available for further gambling or withdrawal. 
  • Every Saturday at midnight, players receive the cashback to their accounts. 

These rules make the 1Win casino bonus a straightforward and attractive proposition. It offers a tangible way to mitigate some of the risks associated with casino gaming.

Free Spins from 1Win

Free Spins is another 1Win bonus casino reward for all new players who make their first deposit to the main account.  Here’s a structured overview of how to make the most out of this offer:

  • To unlock this bonus, a minimum deposit of 1,800 INR is required.
  • The bonus activates instantly with the deposit, allowing players immediate access to 1Win free spins. 
  • These spins must be used within two days of activation, and any winnings from these spins need to be wagered within one day, or they expire.
  • The wagering requirement for winnings is 50 times in the “Slots” category, with a maximum winning cap of 3,600 INR. 
  • The bonus is specifically for Quickspin provider games, offering a selection of 8 titles. 
  • Unused or unwaged free spins will be cancelled at the end of the promotion.

The Free Spins bonus at 1Win Casino comes with straightforward rules. Remember to meet all requirements that are listed above promptly to maximize your bonus benefits.

1Win Triple Jackpot Thrill

The company teams up with TVBET to offer a thrilling 1 Win bonus casino with a chance to win up to 224,559 INR. This bonus includes not one but three different jackpots, each with its own characteristics and winning potential:

  • The “Game Jackpot” is specific to individual games, such as KENO, where the prize pool is collected separately for each game. This jackpot is known for its high frequency of payouts, giving players many chances to win.
  • The “1Win Jackpot” encompasses all games, accumulating a larger prize pool across the board. Like “Game Jackpot”, it has a high payout frequency but offers a bigger reward due to its collective nature. 
  • The “Mega Jackpot” stands out as the largest of the three. It grows rapidly across all games, offering a substantial prize that could even fund a car or real estate purchase. The Mega Jackpot is the ultimate prize, combining growth speed with size for the biggest impact.

All TVBET games are eligible for these jackpots. This guarantees that every participant has the opportunity for a notable victory, regardless of their preferred game.

1Win Loyalty Program: Earn Coins for Your Play

1Win values its players, rewarding them with special coins for their loyalty. Engaging in games and wagering on sports allows you to accumulate coins. Yet, these games don’t contribute to accumulating:

The program shines when it comes to sports betting. Here, coins are earned regardless of the game’s outcome. However, bets that are returned or sold don’t qualify for earning coins. When you’re ready, converting your coins into real money is a one-click action.

1Win Sports Express Bonus

This bonus sport 1Win increases your net profit when you build an express bet with 5 or more events. The more events you include, the higher the bonus percentage you receive:

  • 5 events add 7%;
  • 6 events add 8%;
  • 7 events add 9%;
  • 8 events add 10%;
  • 9 events add 11%;
  • 10 events add 12%;
  •  11+ events add 15%.

How to use 1Win bonus? Imagine you place an express bet with 6 events, offering total odds of 12.1. If you bet 1,000 INR, your net profit would be 11,100 INR. With the 8% express bonus, you get an additional 888 INR. Therefore, your total payout includes your bet amount (1,000 INR), win amount (11,100 INR), and bonus (888 INR), totalling 12,988 INR.

1Win App Bonus: Instant 9000 INR Reward

When you download the 1Win APK on your device, you’ll instantly receive a generous bonus of 9,000 INR. This bonus is automatically credited to your account once you have installed the app.

How to Get Started at 1Win and Get the Bonus?

Registering on the 1Win is a quick process, simplified to allow players to effortlessly join the betting platform. To begin, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Go to the 1Win. Head to the official 1Win website or use the app and click the registration button in the top-right corner.
  2. Add the details. Fill out the form with your phone number and email address. Immediate verification isn’t necessary.
  3. Choose your country and currency. Select your account’s currency wisely, as changes are not permitted later. While the system automatically detects your country, you have the option to adjust this.
  4. Set a password. Create a strong password for your account.
  5. Accept the Terms and Conditions. Agree to 1Win’s terms to finalize your registration.
  6. Add a promo code 1win. Don’t forget to enter the promo code PLAYIN to boost your bankroll with the bonus casino 1Win of 500%.

When registering, you have different ways to get started. You can quickly register directly or use social media like Google, Telegram, etc. All you need to do is choose your preferred platform, set your currency, accept the terms and conditions, and you are ready to use 1Win.

Necessary steps to receive the bonus

Smooth Transaction Process for Your First Deposit

1Win provides various methods of depositing for Indian players. Below is a detailed table with all the methods. 

Method Min/Max depositTimeFees
Indian Banks500-10,000 INR1-3 daysMay vary
Cryptocurrencies4,900-260,000 INRInstantNo
Visa400-74,000 INRInstantNo
Perfect Money300-70,000 INRInstantNo
PayTM300-70,000 INRInstantNo
Airtel300-10,000 INRInstantNo
UPI300-50,000 INRInstantNo
PhonePe300-50,000 INRInstantNo
Google Pay300-50,000 INRInstantNo

1Win’s deposit policy is nice for users: the company does not charge transaction fees, and the process is fast and efficient. In rare cases, delays may occur due to technical glitches on the side of your bank or company. But 1Win will promptly notify you of the delay in such situations.

Available payment methods for making the first payment

How to Make Your First Deposit?

Making your initial deposit is simple. Here is a quick guide:

  1. Login. Start by signing in to your account. 
  2. Locate the deposit option. You’ll find it in the upper right corner or prominently displayed on the main page. Click on it. 
  3. Choose a payment method. A menu presents various options like cryptocurrencies, banks, and e-wallets. Pick what suits you. 
  4. Set amount. Each method has its minimum and maximum limits, clearly shown in the form for your convenience.
  5. Confirm. After choosing, click Confirm. Your funds will appear in your account.

This process is designed for a smooth start, putting your right into action just after the sign-up.

Fast Way to Withdraw Your Winnings

Withdrawals differ from deposits as some methods are not available. Nevertheless, 1Win provides its players with a wide range of withdrawal methods. Below are all the available options. 

Method Min-Max withdrawalTimeFees
Indian Banks1,000-50,000 INRInstant – 3 days No
UPI2,000-90,000 INRInstantNo
Visa700-74,000 INRInstantNo
PhonePe2,000-90,000 INRInstantNo
IMPS2,000-90,000 INRup to 24 hoursNo
Perfect Money1,000-50,000 INRInstantNo

Withdrawals from 1Win are usually fast, with most transactions being processed within 1-3 business days. For large amounts exceeding 4 million INR, the company can set a customized daily withdrawal limit for each customer.

Withdrawal options from 1Win India platform

How to Make a Withdrawal?

Note, that the withdrawal is available after you wager the bonus 1Win. Withdrawing your rewards is no different from making a deposit. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to navigating you through the process:

  1. Verification. Before initiating a withdrawal, make sure your profile is complete with your name and phone number. 
  2. Access withdrawal options. Just like depositing, navigate to the withdrawal section, placed within your account settings.
  3. Select the withdrawal method. You’ll be presented with a familiar, extensive menu of options. Pick the option that suits you the best. 
  4. Initiate a withdrawal. Specify the desired withdrawal amount.

Withdrawals are mostly quick, ranging from a minute to an hour. Some methods may extend to 3 business days. This variety ensures you access your winnings at your convenience.