Responsible Gaming Policy of 1Win India

Since responsible gaming is a key component of client care philosophy, the company 1Win provides special consideration to any issues that may develop as a result of gambling addiction. It is the platform’s direct responsibility to keep gamers safe from any excessive gambling tendencies and to prevent children from engaging in gaming. The company helps the clients play a safe and amazing game without losing control by fully supporting and adhering to the globally recognised responsible gaming policy.

Maintaining Control

Playing games of chance at 1Win is only fun entertainment, a nice way to spend time, watch your favourite team play, and meet other betting enthusiasts who share your interests. It’s important to remember to be aware while having fun, watching sports, and gambling during your spare time.

Every person who wagers has to keep in mind constantly:

  • You should always maintain your common sense, since gambling is just a kind of entertainment and not a means of making money;
  • You should not strive to win back right away if you lose, since there’s always a chance to win again; 
  • You have to begin the game with the understanding that you will only spend the money that is immediately accessible, nothing more;

Constantly be mindful of how much money and time you are spending on the game.

Preventing Gaming Addiction

A tiny percentage of gamblers have a gaming addiction, while the majority of individuals see gambling as just a fun kind of entertainment. However, the company gives that issue a lot of thought and advises bettors to constantly keep in mind that:

  • Since gambling is predicated on the law of chance, there are no “formulas” or “systems” that can ensure success;
  • The desire to play has to come from yourself;
  • You should always be mindful of how much you spend on the game;
  • When playing, you have to be aware of the game’s regulations at all times.

A healthy gaming passion and a bad addiction are challenging to distinguish. However, there are hints that bettors may have issues. Please answer 10 questions. If you answered yes to at least five, you likely have a gaming addiction:

  1. Do you gamble mainly?
  2. Is your betting amount consistently rising?
  3. Do you take out loans to gamble?
  4. Do you often stay out later than you intended to?
  5. Do frequent betting office visits harm your reputation?
  6. If you cannot engage in betting, do you feel frustrated or disappointed?
  7. Do you gamble to avoid problems?
  8. How frequently must you win back?
  9. Were you successful in limiting betting and gambling time?
  10. Not sharing your gaming hobby with family?

People suffering from gambling addiction can harm not only themselves, but also those around them. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your condition.

How to Get Help

If you have discovered that you have a gambling addiction, here are charities and associations that can offer help:

To close your 1win account, contact the Customer Support. You can usually reopen your account, but if you request a permanent closure, the company will honour your request and prohibit restoration.